Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hijokaidan ( 非常階段 ) - Zouroku No Kibyou ( 蔵六の奇病 ) (1982)

| Harsh Noise | Psychedelic |

This is maybe one of Hijokaidan's most popular records (other albums here). It's pretty intense, though some songs aren't very much noisy as they should be (we're talking about the 'King of Noise', Hijokaidan, after all). It isn't very much consistent, it's much more a compilation of live tracks recorded around. Despite, the album has a very wicked and harsh atmosphere.

The opening track is my favorite here, though I don't think it's pretty much a 'track'. It consists of 1:20min of a guy vomiting. I love the ending, when people start clapping to his vomit ahaha. The second track is very noisy, but the third is just some weird psychedelic song. The other tracks sound like attempts to produce real songs, where they just give up at some point and fill those with a fucking loud noise. It's a nice record, showing Hijokaidan's psychedelic moves, but not as noisy as I think it should be.

Catalog: OUT-4 (Unbalance)

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