Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Gerogerigegege - Tokyo Anal Dynamite (1990)

| Harsh Noise | Japanese Ultra Shit Band |

"Fuck compose, Fuck melody, Dedicated to no one, Thanks to no one, ART IS OVER".
-Juntaro Yamanouchi

Easily the most infamous and well known release from the gerogerigegege, this one really just can't be beat, no pun intended. A little bit more than half an hour long, this album ought to come with its own built-in safety belt. If the album cover (a line of naked punk looking cartoons all simultaneously vomiting and shitting in unison) doesn't prepare you for the album, then hopefully this review will. It is basically a live recording from 1987 that is indexed into 75 (!) separate tracks. Absolutely no track is more than 1 minute long. Juntaro is listed as playing NOISE BASS and another person is listed as playing both drums and vocals. The liner notes are fairly confusing even though there is not much written to begin with aside from who is playing and when it was recorded.

This cd is generally considered to be one of the most important and highly significant releases of the entire Japanese noise scene. Even though there were about 3000 copies pressed worldwide, it seems to be one of the more difficult gero releases to get a hold of. Every song follows the same formula: "___(insert Japanese curse word, phrase, etc.)__" then a count off into short spastic bursts of pure punk-driven dissonance. Every song title is generally screamed in japanese with the occasional American cover song thrown in. Although this has always been pointed out in other reviews of this same album, hearing Juntaro (or whoever) scream, "boys-a don't-a cry!" (the cure) or "I can't-a getta no satis-a-FAK-tion!" (rolling stones) actually IS completely worth whatever amount of money one is willing to spend on obtaining this obscure gem. At one point, Juntaro screams his own name and counts off only to end the song after 20 seconds to scream his name again BACKWARDS. It is completely hysterical. Near the end of the cd, there are more drawn out feedback drones and less screaming, due to obvious reasons that one could assume.

The production is very gruff, although one can make out the drums quite well and the feedback and/or bass add an another layer of sound. There is not much left to say other than the fact that this is THE quintessential gerogerigegege release.

Catalog: VCD3 (Vis A Vis Audio Arts)
Album overview on Artnotart

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