Sunday, September 6, 2009

High Rise - Live (1994)

| Psychedelic Rock | Noise Rock | Garage Rock |

High Rise is an explosive power trio from the japanese underground, comprised mainly of bassist/vocalist Asahito Nanjo and guitarist Munehiro Narita. Their sound is characteristically (i mean, extremely) fast and loud. Narita's guitar erupts on a powerful and dense wall of fast and dexterous solos, mixing sounds of the most Hard Garage Rock with Noise influences from the Japanese Underground. Nanjo's vocals are always deeply buried on the band loud and furious strikes, being sweetly sung though. Well, it may sound strange... it's not always that you listen to Robert Plant's vocal buried by Page's Guitar... But that works just fine (and how!) with High Rise.

This album is a live recording of their finest songs. It's High Rise at its best. They're furious, fast and loud as never in this one. Tracks like "Outside Gentiles" and "Ikon" show why they're considered one of the most incredible bands on the genre, while others like "Pop Sicle" show their full skills on improvisationing hard-speed noise rock songs, sounding almost like a Speed Metal band.

"[...]just in terms of speed there're a million bands faster than us - hardcore bands and so on. our sound is totally different from theirs, where everything is in balance. high rise feels more like seeing a traffic accident happen right in front of you. (laughs) or someone topping themselves in front of you. that's the kind of feeling we're going for. metal and hardcore bands feel more like riding a rollercoaster at a funfair, that's their world. there's no sense of the now or reality, maybe." - Narita

nice fact: I was just listening to this at max-volume and my headphone broke... /rage
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Catalog: PSFD-48 (P.S.F. Records)

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