Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Cure - Pornography (1982)

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Well, what to say about The Cure? One of the most important bands ever lived. Formed during the Punk era, they remain one of the most enduring bands of the last thirty years, as proven by Robert Smith's receiving the 'Godlike Genius' award at the Shockwaves NME Awards in February, 2009.

Pornography is considered the most classic album from The Cure. The lineup is one of their best, consisting on Robert Smith (Guitar/Vocals), Simon Gallup (Bass) and Lol Tolhurst (Drums). Okay, nothing can beat up the amazing Disintegration (1989), but Pornography is just after it. It's their most Gothic album (and one of the most important albums in the Gothic music history). Full of hatred, anger, fury, sadness. They seem to be slowly destroying themselves after each song.

The album opens with "It doesn't matter if we all die". At first glance, you get shocked by "...we all die", until you finally realize this isn't about "we die one after the other", but "It doesn't matter...". I think no album can overwhelm the fury comprised inside Robert Smith's heart on Pornography. It's a album that gives you no hope, no dreams, no escape. You just get lost, helpless, on it.

There are no weak tracks on Pornography, just one stunning song after the other. "One Hundred Years", "A Strange Day", "The Figurehead" and "Cold" might be the finest tracks though.


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  1. the truest "Gothic" album I've ever heard. only artists, even ones really good at being dark, pale in comparison to the heart (or heartlessness? ) of "Pornography". Even the name is hopeless and or a doomed animal nature.
    Brilliant. These songs tower above most music most other musicians will ever make.