Thursday, September 24, 2009

Shizuka ( 静香 ) - Live Shizuka (1995)

| Psychedelic Rock | Noise Rock |

Another shinny gem from the japanese underground scene, this Live record is Shizuka's second CD (Discography). Though their early sound has much more approach to the psychedelic rock than to the experimental or noise rock, one can feel the enhancement from their roots on this album. The characteristic melancholy is still everywhere around, and though most of the songs follow the same pattern of 'melancholic instrumental - sad vocals - angry guitar solo bursting everything around', it's a very consistent record and every track sounds special in their way.

"Glass Ribbon Unraveled" is maybe the portrait of "Live Shizuka". The song grows slowly and moody from oceanic guitar strums and affectioned vocal into a very loud and explosive solo. "Heavenly Persona" version here is much more incredible than the album version, with an extended solo and a very nice bass line. "Planning for Loneliness" is exactly how the title suggest, maybe the most calm and emotional song in the whole album, and the longest one too. Though it doesn't grow as furious as other tracks, holding the melancholy and sadness during the whole song, it's maybe the most beautiful in "Live Shizuka".

Catalog: PNG-1 (Persona Non Grata)


  1. Do you have an album of another band called Shizuka?
    静/ Shizuka - 昇華 / SHO-KA

  2. I just downloaded all the albums, if you still around thanks alot... awesome