Sunday, September 6, 2009

Enno Velthuys - A Glimpse Of Light (1984)

| Ambient | Synth-Electronic |

Enno Velthuys is a somewhat obscure Dutch musician (though he's happening to be very hip at and stuff...). His music is a good representation of the early ambient, new age influenced, sinthesizer music. He had produced only a few tapes during the 80's.

This one is my personal favourite from him. It seems to be one of his earliest tapes. It has beautiful landscapes on it, while his later tapes became a little more synth-electronic than ambient oriented. The great highlight on it is the song "Discovery", a 7:30 min travel through the outerspace. Besides, the two firsts "Bird Alone" and "The Emperor", and the last one "Au Revoir", might be the finest of the album, though it doesn't get, in any way, weak at it's middle.

Catalog: EA021 (Exart Cassettes)

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