Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Keiji Haino ( 灰野敬二 ) - C'est Parfait Endoctrine Tu Tombes La Tete La Premiere (2003)

| Avant-Garde | Experimental Percussion |
| Psychedelic |

Following the pattern of "Tenshi no Gijinka" (check out haino's other albums here), "'C'est Parfait' Endoctriné Tu Tombes La Tête La Première N'essayant Pas De Comprendre Quelque Chose Si Tu Te Prépares À La Décision D'accepter Tout Compris / Endre En Toi-Même Cela Se Résoudra."(yeah, that's the name lol) is another dark album of experimental percussion. This shows how Keiji Haino has enhanced during the years. He is full skilled on this, and while it's still a live record, Haino uses vocals and rhythm machine to produce 45min of a huge storm.

While "Tenshi no Gijinka" sounded like entering a nightmare, "C'est Parfait" sounds like you're already inside a tormentor bad dream. As I've already said, Haino isn't a musician that tell you his dreams, but he invites you to dream with him. The bad part of it, is that he invites you to nightmares too. On this album, you really experience fear. The drums provide a massive and striking hurricane, while Keiji sings like something I've only listened during my worse dreams. The song alternates between shrieks and explosive, spluttering percussive onslaughts to mist-cloaked areas of spooky quietude. It’s a little strange to hear so many layers of Haino all raging at once, but the result as seen on "C'est Parfait" is wonderful.

Catalog: TDCD-01 (Turtle's Dream)
Album overview on Arcane Candy

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