Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thoughts on Air - Deep Wood Society (2007)

| Experimental | Psychedelic Folk | Ambient | Noise |

Thoughts on Air is a experimental-psychedelic project by Scott Johnson, from Canada. Basically, it consists of psychedelic-guitar passages, distorted soft vocals and electronics spawning around.

Deep Wood Society spans through minimal folk ("Warmth of the Blizzard"), ambient ("Branch"), noise ("Doglife") , experimental passages ("untitled" songs) and guitar drone ("Stroke of Luck"), all embraced by a very soft psychedelic atmosphere. Even though the experimental environment, it's a very consistent record. The tracks "Climbing the Germs", "High Beams" and "Peace Time" are also fine songs, but my favorite is "The Slightest", a stunning mix of noise and moody ambient with stirring vocals and a wonderful psychedelic soundscape, though the abrupt end makes it lose a little of its touch.

Deep Wood Society is a beautiful piece of melancholy, and always makes my days feel a little more comfortable.


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  1. If you happen to read this; could you possibly reupload this album?