Monday, September 7, 2009

High Rise - High Rise II (1993) [1986 reissue]

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Here is another explosive record from the Psycho-Noise Freakout band from Japan, High Rise. (for previous releases, check out here) High Rise II is a reissue from their live studio recording from 1986, with a pair of extra tracks, and maybe it's their best studio album (if we consider the 'Live' not a studio album). The album sound exactly how someone'd expect from a High Rise good album: It's fast, furious, and raw. High Rise II surely is their most influential album, which draws almost perfectly a landscape of the tokyo underground music scene.

"Cotton Top" and "Monster A Go Go" are perhaps the best from here, if you take "Pop Sicle" apart, which sometimes don't sound like a song, but like an angered volcano. Its solo is one of the most noisy and psychedelic from High Rise, and that is a good thing considering that High Rise is a psycho-noise rock band. "Turn You Cry" and "Induced Depression" are also nice tracks. "Last Rites" is a fucking fast and loud destruction, that bursts and burns as breaking everything around.

My favorite from High Rise, besides "Live". And that one is a pretty cool mothafucking cover, isn't it?

Catalog: PSFD-2 (P.S.F. Records)

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